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Welcome to VRheadset.org, the latest and greatest in detailed product reviews, information, guides, recommendations, pricing, and blog articles on virtual reality products currently on the market.

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are currently available for PC/Desktop and Mobile smartphone use. At VRheadset.org, our VR enthusiasts are excited to present to our readers detailed and comprehensive reviews of VR products. From developer’s models to consumer-grade headsets, we endeavor to provide quality blog articles, tips, product reviews, helpful links, and detailed information so that you can become as knowledgeable as possible while shopping for your next VR gear.

In each review we provide pricing information, technical specifications, recommended PC/Mobile specifications, pros, cons, highlights, quality, and model information on each of the products we write about. We also offer recommendations on bundled options, extra accessories, and we let you know what you receive with each purchase and how each product and accessory works. This will help you avoid forgetting to purchase something crucial such as a controller, or download the latest software or minimum specifications that may be needed if it is not included or clear to the buyer.

We offer information on PC/Desktop and Mobile compatibility and list the minimum specifications for PCs as well as compatible mobile devices for smartphone VR headsets. The wealth of information offered also takes into consideration the various budgets and needs of our readers.

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